Stoked 2020 Surf Art Exhibition

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Festival Launch and Boardroom Opening

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Surfing Competition

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Premier events are SurfingNZ Sanctioned


Under 20 Men

Under 20 Women

Open Men Longboard

Open Women Longboard



Under 12 Boys and Girls

Under 14 Boys and Girls

Under 17 Boys and Girls


Mens Over 40 years

Mens Over 50 years

Mens Over 60 years

Womens Under 40 years

Womens Over 40 years



Men & Women


Mens & Womens: 

Stand Up Paddle Race 

SUP Surfing 

Outdoor Movie Night

Featuring Disney's Moana

Free outdoor movie night at New Brighton Pier. Bring a blanket and cushion and the whanau and settle in for a unique viewing experience of the massively popular Disney's Moana, right by the beach!

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New Brighton Beach,


New Zealand

Tel: +64 21 293 5735

Tel: +64 27 550 1080

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